A brilliant customer connection!

A remarkably advanced and highly affordable customer feedback tool, Customer<Link> is a perfect example of SignalRock’s business-driven technology in action.

The solution is based on the common-sense premise that the more you know about your customers, the better you can satisfy their needs and build more business.

Furthermore, it answers the three critical requirements of customer feedback:




Who will benefit?

What can it do for you?

How does it work?

Who will benefit from our Customer<Link>?

Any business that can benefit from more accurate, timely information about the way their customers view their product, service or retail operation – or the competition – including precise feedback on their most recent purchasing experience.

All applications are custom designed to meet specific needs. You’ll also find our digital Customer<Link> extremely affordable and easy to implement, compared to ordinary systems. No sophisticated knowledge or technology is required from your end – we do the work and look after the technology, so you can look after your business.

What can our Customer<Link> do for you?

Provide customer feedback that’s more accurate, honest, measurable and affordable than any you’ve received before.

Identify opportunities for operational or marketing fixes; track how well operational and marketing programs are working.

Easily and smoothly initiate automated customer response from across multiple retail locations – coast-to-coast, if desired – on a tracking, tranche or ongoing basis.

Eliminate the cost and burden of mystery shoppers, outbound surveys, in-store surveys, etc.

Deliver feedback that’s unbiased by interviewer tone of voice or wording.

Give you access to the customer feedback data from anywhere, anytime via a web-connected, password accessible site – or e-mail.

Help you improve your product, service or shopping experience more quickly and cost-effectively.

Give you the flexibility of determining how often you’ll repeat the survey process – if at all.

Allow you to profit from the price benefits of a Canadian owned company, with lower infrastructure.

How does our Customer<Link> work?

Customer<Link> automates and integrates customer feedback initiation, reporting and data collection, using one of three technologies – IVR, on-line or e-mail.

Key components:

IVR, on-line or e-mail front end data collection.

In retail situations, the invitation can be on random cash register receipts or hand-outs.

Or invitations can be sent to customers on e-mail lists or invoices.

A questionnaire can be embedded in an e-mail and responses are automatically encrypted for security and confidentiality.

Respondents can choose their language of choice.

An incentive for responding can be included.

Voice-mail is available for IVR customers who want to leave comments for a store or manager; text comments for on-line or e-mail responders.

Password protected voice message replay can be heard by all designated management, from any phone.

Immediate and sophisticated reporting, web based or automatically e-mailed (via Data<Link>) with slice and dice capability.

Easily set up benchmarking; enables tracking or correlation against balanced scorecard data.

Fully secured and backed up systems ensure the confidentiality and integrity of all data.

Demos Now Available:

A web survey is available at The demo certificate number is 9999999999 (ten 9's).

The same survey on IVR may be accessed at 1-866-276-6494 from anywhere in North America. The demo certificate number is the same as on the web, 9999999999.

These sample reports demonstrate the interlinking potential of gathered data. We pride ourselves on our ability to customize the drill-down capabilities to your specifications.

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