Turn your data into a valuable asset!

If you’re not using your data properly, you’re not capitalizing on a valuable asset.

SignalRock’s Data<Link> is a unique data mining and on-line reporting product that provides sophisticated yet cost-effective slice and dice analysis of data, regardless of how it is collected. In effect, it’s like having a top-of-the-line IT department – but without the cost or hassles of running it.

Who will benefit?

What can it do for you?

How does it work?

Who would benefit from our Data<Link>?

Any organization that has the means in place to collect data, but doesn’t want to invest – or can’t invest – in costly in-house IT resources to analyze it and put it to work for their business.

The benefits are particularly significant for businesses that are seeking cost-effective solutions to multiple field or supply chain needs.

What can Data<Link> do for you?

Enable you to fully leverage customer, product, service, employee or field information that you are obtaining from a separate source.

Provide sophisticated, precise and intelligent analysis.

Set-up benchmarking, tracking as well as correlation of data.

Give designated users instant password protected access, from any computer, to the reports.

Reduce costs, paperwork and administrative burdens, through automated processes and electronic reporting.

Give you the financial flexibility of an extremely cost-effective data mining and on-line reporting system, with extensive slice and dice capability – without high ongoing costs.

Allow you to profit from the price benefits of a Canadian owned company with lower infrastructure and running costs.

How does our Data<Link> work?

Data<Link> is an advanced data mining and on-line reporting tool that has been built from scratch so it can be easily customized to meet your needs and can provide very sophisticated slice and dice (as well as statistical analysis) capability.

Key components:

Automatic transmission of your data to or from a password protected internet site, FTP site or via e-mail.

Sophisticated analysis and on-line reporting with slice and dice capability.

Easily set-up benchmarking, tracking and integration/correlation with Balanced Scorecard information and with statistical analysis capability.

Instant access by designated employees from any computer, with password protection.

Fully secured and backed up systems ensure the confidentiality and integrity of all data.

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