Find out what your employees really think!

Our digital Employee<Link> is a highly affordable, automated employee feedback solution that brings a new level of honesty and accuracy to employee opinion surveys. As a result, you can get precisely the information required to make genuinely productive changes and enhancements to your business operations; and identify “hot spots” where HR fixes are needed before productivity is compromised.

And yes – the genius that gets your employees talking so honestly, is actually a computer. But that’s the brilliance of the whole thing.

Because anonymity and confidentiality are virtually guaranteed through automated contact with Employee<Link>, employees participate readily and provide more honest and accurate survey input. You get the answers you need to increase productivity, employee motivation and, ultimately, profitability, and you get them at a very affordable cost.

Who will benefit?

What can it do for you?

How does it work?

Who will benefit from our Employee<Link>?

Any organization that can benefit from honest and accurate opinions and feedback from their employees – on any issue from employee satisfaction to general management or operations to specific customer service or product process questions.

As with all our products, our Employee<Link> applications are highly affordable, yet are customizable to meet your company’s individual needs. Implementation is easy, cost-effective and remarkably fast – we can have a system up and running for you in as little as two weeks. What’s more, Employee<Link> requires very little effort and no special knowledge from your end.

What can our Employee<Link> do for you?

Smoothly and efficiently obtain employee participation in an employee opinion survey – coast-to-coast, and in various languages, if desired.

Deliver timely employee feedback that’s more honest and accurate than any you’ve received before – and it’s very affordable and less costly than traditional methods.

Share accurate information about different locations’ best practices, for future leverage.

Help you identify management or operational changes that will have a positive impact on productivity and your bottom line.

Provide simple and painless management of the entire process, from survey announcement to participant tracking, employee reminders, data warehousing, data mining and reporting.

Depending on your cash flow, you can determine how often you’ll repeat the survey process – if at all.

Allow you to profit from the price benefits of a Canadian owned company, with lower infrastructure and running costs.

How does our Employee<Link> work?

Employee<Link> is an innovative employee response system that automates and integrates the initiation, collection and reporting of employee opinions – often across multiple locations.

Key components:

The survey questions are initiated via e-mail, IVR or on-line data collection.

The e-mail contains an embedded questionnaire with automatic encryption of all responses, for confidentiality, automatic checking of responses against completion lists and automatic tracking of late responses; follow-up reminders are sent; the on-line option can have these features, as well.

Automatic transfer of responses to our database.

Immediate and sophisticated reporting, web based or automatically e-mailed (via Data<Link>) with slice and dice capability.

Easily set up benchmarking; enables tracking or correlation against balanced scorecard data or statistical correlation against customer feedback and/or store profitability.

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