Fast, accurate details from the field – affordably!

In today’s competitive environment, fast and precise response to market or field conditions and issues can give you a critical advantage. But if it’s not affordable, it’s no advantage at all.

That’s the thinking – and the genius – behind Field<Link>’s flexible and highly cost-effective options. By making information delivery from the field more accurate and more affordable, our digital Field<Link> lets you make more informed decisions that will have a fast and positive impact on your bottom line.

Who will benefit?

What can it do for you?

How does it work?

Who can benefit from our Field<Link>?

Any organization or institution that wants an affordable, accurate way to get detailed information from the field or retail environment to the office or the factory – fast and at low cost.

The benefits are particularly significant for businesses that are seeking cost-effective solutions to multiple field or supply chain needs.

What can our Field<Link> do for you?

Enable you to instantly leverage detailed field, site or retail information from multiple locations, throughout the supply chain.

Allow precise, real-time decision-making and response to changing field conditions, pricing or needs.

Give designated users instant access, from any computer, to even the most detailed field reports.

Reduce costs, paperwork and administrative costs, through automated processes and electronic reporting.

Increase operational speed and productivity for improved profitability.

Give you the financial flexibility of an extremely cost-effective field reporting system.

Allow you to profit from the price benefits of a Canadian owned company with lower infrastructure and running costs.

How does our Field<Link> work?

Field<Link> is an advanced field reporting system, that can instantly transmit information from the field via cell phones or regular telephone lines, Palm Pilots or Blackberries to the office or factory.

All applications are customized to meet precise office, factory or field force needs.

Key components:

IVR, Palm Pilots or Blackberry based reporting of information from the field.

IVR but especially Palm Pilot or Blackberry data collection system enables entry of large quantities of detailed information e.g. competitive price checks, out of stocks, service levels, etc., by single SKU or large numbers of SKUs.

Automatic transfer of responses to our database.

Immediate and sophisticated reporting, web-based or automatically e-mailed (via Data<Link>) with slice and dice capability.

Fully secured and backed up systems ensure the confidentiality and integrity of all data.

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